Program Structure

The Character Reel is an educational program which uses film and drama as teaching tools to reinforce character virtues to children, pre-teens and teens. Students:

- Study various character virtues and reflect on their deeper meaning
- View films that show the presence or absence of virtues based on choices made by the characters
- Participate in post screening discussions to assess overall learning
- Perform dramatic skits to put the virtues into practice

Introduction of the Character Virtues
- The character virtues and their definitions are introduced to students.
- Students reflect on their current understanding of these virtues and share personal experiences as to how they have practiced them. 

Screening of the Film and Post-Screening Discussion
- Students view a film showing the presence or absence of these virtues based on the choices made by the characters.
- Students reflect on the choices made by the characters, discussing what motivated them, what the results/consequences were and whether they would have made the same choices.
​- Students reflect on any new understandings they have gained about the virtues and what it means to model them. 

Dramatic Role-Playing
- Students put their shoes in the shoes of the character and reinact scenes from the films, as well as create and act out real life scenarios that they might face in their own lives. Two versions of the skits are performed: one which shows the presense of the virtues and one which shows the absence; both showing the end results/consequences.