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Screen Education for Adults

Soul Cinema

Film is not just a great teaching tool for children and youth, but for adults as well! Soul Cinema introduces films to adults that reinforce core values necessary for our positive spiritual development. Through examples from the words and actions of characters in various films, participants examine the contributions they can make towards the growth and progress of their own souls, as well as how they can model spiritual qualities to children and youth in their homes and community.

- View films and study character values based on examples in the films
​- Participate in post screening discussions where they can reflect on their understanding of the character values represented in the films and share what personal experiences they have had related to the situations the characters faced in the films.


Reflection on the Theme
- What is our current understanding of the theme?
- What personal experiences have we had with the theme?
​- Sharing of some notable quotes about the theme

Film Screening 

​Reflection on the Film
- What examples can we note from the words and actions of the characters in the films?
- What did we learn about these themes?


Seeking God in the Movies
Beyond just mere entertainment, films also provide us with stories that have meaning. Often times they will even address such issues as morality, the purpose of existence and the belief in a higher power. The films in this series help us to better understand the existence of God, remind us of the need to receive His guidance through the Teachings of His Divine Educators and emphasize the importance of trusting and relying in God as our Creator.

Developing our Character
The purpose of a filmmaker is to make you see, not only the details of a story, but also what underlies it. What truly motivates the characters? What are their values and the results or consequences of these values? The films in this series highlight some of the character values we need to obtain in order to flourish as the noble spiritual beings we were created to be. 

Contributing to the Advancement of Society
Like a mirror, movies reflect what is happening in society and they can assist us in making sense of the world around us. The films in this series help us explore the process of being an active participant towards the betterment of the world, recognizing how we can apply our full potential as spiritual beings into the field of service to mankind.