The purpose of a filmmaker is to make you “see, that is, not just the surface details of a story, but:what underlies it, what truly motivates the characters, what their values are and the results or human costs of such values."

- Edward N. McNulty
​Faith & Film, a Guidebook for Leaders

“The word CHARACTER has two Cs in it. One stands for CHOICE and the other for CONSEQUENCES. Living a life of good character doesn't happen by CHANCE, nor does it happen by CIRCUMSTANCES. It happens by CHOICES.”

- Edward F. DeRoche
​Director, Character Education Resource Center
University of San Diego

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Why use film ​to teach character?

“Using film to develop character is an excellent way to help students with their decision making. Showing students’ films, or clips from films, can help provoke meaningful inquiry regarding social issues, personal values, and moral dilemmas, thus allowing students to personally reflect and make insightful decisions, which is a key characteristic of being a citizen of character in a democratic society. Quite often, films are very effective in presenting the complexity of character choices and decision making.”

- William Benedict Russell III and Stewart Waters
​Reel Character Education:
A Cinematic Approach to Character Development
University of Central Florida


"Most children's films are made to teach kids important life lessons, but how much do they actually absorb from the films? The Character Reel is the hands on way of really getting kids to be creative and learn important life lessons through reenactments of classic films and their own improvisation. This program not only teaches kids good morals, but actually has them embody the morals and explore the differences between right and wrong. Even if acting is not a child's strong suit they can still find a way to shine in this program because it gets them to dig deep inside of themselves and really ask "What is the best way to handle a tough situation?"

-  Lilien Lemieux- Jordan, Program Assistant,  Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre

​"The program that Christina provided for the Junior Youth Academy last year was not only pivotal for the conversations that I was able to have with the junior youth while facilitating at Louhelen but also for the conversations with the five junior youth from my area who attended. As a result of watching the movies and the great group conversations afterwards, the junior youth who were with me decided on the trip back that we would hold our own pizza, movie and conversation nights. So once a month, we have gathered together and enjoyed good food, great company and excellent conversations around these movies and the important themes within them. The junior youth attending also invited some of their friends. The conversations focus on how the realities in the movies are part of the reality of their own lives and how they can deal with those realities in a spiritual manner. These conversations have been very rich and have strengthened the bonds of friendship and support among these junior youth." 
- Nelufar Mohajeri, Facilitator, Junior Youth Academy, Louhelen Baha'i School